Family of cupboards Toshi Casamania, design by Luca Nichet

May 10, 2013 by

Luca Nichetto has created for Casamania, Toshi, which in Japanese means City, a family of cupboards that recalls the mosaic decorations that can be found in some buildings in Tokyo. Toshi was presented at the Salone del Mobile 2013.



For thefurniture Toshi was chosen a clean and essential form in order to bring out and enhance the geometric pattern engraved on each side of the furniture. The patterns are designed to be uniquely associated with each of the cupboards.

These patterns are made in different heights and compositions, to maintain the linearity and purity of the form of this family of cupboards. Each cupboard is available with two types of legs: a base, and the second highest, a metal square section in order to accentuate the lure Japanese architecture and the feelings it conveys. Each cupboard may be accompanied by three different components that can be carrying out the function of small containers that can be aesthetically complemented for the Toshi family.

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