Egyptian Stroke Period: the new collection designed by Paola Navone

Feb 7, 2013 by

Stroke Period Egyptian presents its new collection designed by Paola Navone. There are vases ups and downs, then dishes, glasses, cups, trays, risers. Small Wonders glass decorated by hand. The photos are from the collection of MyHomeDecorationIdeas.

Paola Navone Collection

Paola Navone Collection

The transparency of the glass overlaps with the decorum points and features screen printed by hand in black and silver. A rain of points like so many drops of water. And then lines, many, sometimes so thick they almost hide the glass.

Vases, jugs, cups and glasses filled and are transformed by ethereal creatures are animated and reflective colors. On stage an imaginative mix of stripes and polka dots. The decorations Taken are represented with the horizontal line, while the decoration point are those made with screen printing in a circle.

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