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We are living in the period of DIY and reuse of old objects, which if we lived in the 90’s we would have already flown and replaced with others, worth twice that amount. Nowadays, if we use our imagination, an old suitcase can be turned into a retro closet, rackets can be turned in mirrors and many more DIY decoration tips will be shown to you below. We gathered some amazing ideas for recycling old household items turning them into  furniture and decorations.

Old suitcase – First aid cabinet

Old suitcases of parents or grandparents are usually gorgeous vintage pieces. However, they can be well placed on a wall, even above the sink in the bathroom and if we hang onto them a mirror they can be gorgeous first aid cabinets.

Suitcase - First aid cabinet

Suitcase – First aid cabinet

Old rackets – Mirrors

There are countless items that can be converted into mirrors if you just stick a mirror on them. The old tennis rackets are certainly a novel idea, ideal for retro homes.

Old rackets - Mirrors

Old rackets – Mirrors

Globe – Lamp or Bowl

If you recently found the globe that was adorning your childhood room from the loft and you want to put it back in your life, cut it in half and insert a socket wired to the bulb or simply turn it upside down and use it as a decorative bowl.

Globe - Lamp or Bowl

Globe – Lamp or Bowl

Yoga mat – Laptop or Tablet case

You just need to cut it in the correct size and sew all around. This mat can also be cut in the shape of a coaster for your glasses.

Yoga mat - Laptop or Tablet case

Yoga mat – Laptop or Tablet case

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