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What should I create this Sunday for the cosmetic world? Should I change cabinets?  Done!! Should I take care of the arrangement of the plants on the terrace? Done!! The pantry organization  in the kitchen? Done as well!!. Should I make a cake then? Far too challenging. So what? On the bedside table there are eight books, I’d start to dispose of a little stack.

Desalto, Fill bookcase

Desalto, Fill bookcase

The book was the true star of this Sunday at the end of May! And to stay on topic, I present below a cabinet for the living room, which, with arranged books inside is even more beautiful (but why am I good at hooks look is a thing that cannot be explained … ).

It is called Fill, it produces by Desalto and is designed by the Greek Ausenda. A lightweight, extruded aluminum and sheet steel which is available in white or black. You can also play with both colors, freely placing the seabed and the structure by focusing on the full / empty effect. If dust is your bitter enemy, there is no problem, Desalto is also thinking of the version with etched painted glass doors which will be available in different color shades.


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