Decorating the house: Magis the cuckoo clock

Nov 11, 2012 by

The wall clock is one of the furnishings of a house that best captures the attention of all of the tenants: strange to think, in fact it is like a hard drive with two hands that can attract the eye and become one of the most observed of an apartment.

The cuckoo clock

The cuckoo clock

¬†While you have breakfast before going to work, in the evening before going to bed: our life is a constant race against time. And how can we not have a watch with which we check if we are on time or late? Having regards to the use, I recommend you choose a watch that brings joy and it’s a bit “ironic”, as Magis Cu Clock, whose line is very reminiscent of the house where they go to escape the winter birds.

Its designer is Naoto Fukasawa, who created them in four different colors: white, orange, green and dark brown.

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