Cersaie Bologna: the news of Lineabeta and the collection Luni

Feb 15, 2013 by

At Cersaie, Lineabeta presented Luni, which bears the signature of the designer Alberto Demel. It is a sheet of foil-like board which features a collection of bathroom furniture and accessories on which you can pin memos and ideas that just come to your mind, even when you are in the bathroom.

Bathroom Board

Bathroom Board

The port basin structure has a natural bamboo color, a metal towel rod and a top plate. The panel on the wall frame is made ​​of bamboo, which is placed a round mirror. Luni is one of the projects developed by “Lab – Lineabeta creative experience”, workshops coordinated by the art direction of JoeVelluto (JVLT) in order to put into production a number of ideas generated by the creativity of young designers, according to brief Lineabeta.

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