Brunner designs Thankful: The sectional sofa that fits all environments

Feb 19, 2013 by

Wait your turn while relaxing, chatting and, for a moment forget the usual everyday life. The environments are important for informal conversation during a coffee break or to regain energy after a particularly intense day’s work, so Brunner proposed Thankful, a sofa, almost from the liquid form that adapts to any environment. With Grateful, the wait becomes an enjoyable time as well as the exchange of ideas away from the daily routine. This model has a particularly flexible seat that does not impose rigid positions and thanks to its design and its colors it can alone furnish any space, just play with the imagination and create forms and evolutions special and unexpected.



It may in fact be grateful inserted within an environment as if it were a sculpture making spaces unique. The model designed by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger, for waiting rooms, is also suitable to use as a seat for all the classic situations reception office, a hotel, a museum, and, why not, in a domestic environment which is young and dynamic. It is consisted of 4 elements that allow endless possibilities, grateful is available in yellow, teal, peach, fuchsia and strawberry.

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