Antonio Lupi bathroom: the new sculptural washbasin and design Silence

Feb 13, 2013 by

Silence Antonio Lupi’s project integration tear last year was a sink even more styling than the previous design. Silence stems wanted to leave only the functionality and sculptural sign of the basin which can be fitted perfectly into the wall. It is an object which has predominate cutting and light as evocative elements. The unmistakable signature of Domenico de Palo is even more evident in this creation, a sink that has the ability to blend in with the area in which it is installed. A sink that seems to come out from the wall, but at the same time gives it life and form.

Antonio Lupi bathroom

Antonio Lupi bathroom

According to MyhomeDecorationIdeas, Silence was made ​​by Corian and after the positioning it into the wall (grouting and plastering) it can be painted as the rest of the wall and it disappears in it. We can define Silence as a “naked” sink that can be dressed up with a dress that can change and be updated with different finishes.

Silence reinterprets the bathroom with transgression, a sort of fusion between past and present as a function object of the new invention.

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